Is AOL mail not working on your iPhone? Don’t worry! You are not the only one to face it, various AOL users have been trance complaining about the same. 

AOL mail is flooded with services to give a fabulous experience to its users. Nonetheless, it sometimes shows errors working on iOS devices. Continue reading the article to know What is wrong with AOL mail and how to fix it. 

Reasons why your AOL mail stopped working on your iPhone

However, multiple reasons can hit the tech flow of your AOL mail and thus cause AOL mail problems. Some of the common issues are mentioned below. 

  1. You have not updated your AOL mail app.
  2. The system is not up to date where AOL mail is trying to be accessed. 
  3. AOL mail is overloading with caches. 
  4. There are internet connectivity issues either with your connection or the system.
  5. Issues with the AOL mail app. 
  6. The AOL email server is down at the moment. 

Tips to troubleshoot AOL mail not working issues 

  1. Close your AOL mail app and launch it again to avoid AOL Mail not working errors.
  2. Check for the system update and respond to it.
  3. Update your AOL mail app.
  4. Repair connectivity issues.
  5. Clear app caches and unnecessary data.
  6. Reboot your device and then check the AOL mail app.
  7. If the problem continues, delete the AOL mail app and install it again.

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