If you use your Gmail using any email client, then it is mandatory to set the gmail smtp settings correctly. This setup will help your mail account to send or receive mail without any issues. The SMTP is an application used by the mail providers to receive, send, or relay outgoing mail between the senders and receivers. Many assume that this process is difficult and ignore it. But it is very easy, follow the simple instructions given below to set these settings. 

How do I Set up these Settings?

Enter the settings given below to set your gmail smtp server settings accurately. 

Step 1: In the SMTP user name, enter the email address of your Gmail account. 

Step 2: The SMTP password must be your Gmail account password. 

Step 3: Also the SMTP server address must be smtp.gmail.com

Step 4: Set your Gmail port (TLS) as 587 and (SSL) as 465. 

Step 5: Finally, the SMTP TLS/SSL should be marked as required. 

Gentle Reminder:

Users have to remember that smtp server gmail settings have certain limits in order to prevent spamming of mails. Users will be able to send only 500 mails per day. When looking at average, this limit is more than enough.

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