Snapchat is a wonderful application with which you can share pictures and videos with your friends that are known as Snaps on the application. But, if this tap to load Snap feature is not working properly then, you need to look for solutions to fix this issue.

Our guide will tell you how you can resolve the issue of Snapchat not loading images on your device.

Troubleshooting methods to resolve Snapchat Not loading Snaps issue

  • Solution 1: Restart your mobile

If Snapchat loading image feature is not working properly on your phone then, you can try to close off your mobile and then restart it. Closing and restarting the mobile phone will fix a lot of issues that are causing this problem so, you can use this method if Snapchat is glitching.

  • Solution 2: Enable Snapchat permission

Many people usually forget to give permission to the application to access the phone storage, camera and other apps. This might be a very major reason why your snaps are not loading. Open the Settings of your phone and permit the app which will resolve this issue.

  • Solution 3: Clear the cache data

 The junk and cache data of the app interferes too much with the working of the application. The tap to load snapchat image feature will be resolved if you clean all the cache data and cookies of the application from the mobile settings. 

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