Simple steps on how to create a Hotmail account. Hotmail sign up is a bit lengthy procedure to follow, the following are the stepwise procedures to follow;

  1. The initial thing to do is to launch the official website. The homepage that you need to use is Once you are on the homepage, you will be surprised to see the outlook page that opens. This should not puzzle you. Actually, Hotmail was rebranded to In the page, commonly at the bottom, you will find an option that directs you to open an account. Once you click on the option, you will be directed to the sign-up page. The Hotmail sign up page does require some personal information to be provided.
  2. Once you are on the sign-up page, the initial input that is required is the first and the last names. The names that you provide will be visible to other people when you send them mail.
  3. The next requirement is the username. In most cases, the username will add up to your email. Therefore when housing the username, you can even provide other accounts.
  4. Hotmail Login does require the password for security issues. This is an essential step to take. The choice of a password should be very careful and safe. The password will help to prevent cases of hackers and other internet misuses. The password that is required should be strong enough. The password should be long enough and should have alphabetical characters together with numeric to enhance security and the strength of the password.
  5. Other personal information that is required include the country of origin, date of birth and gender. This information is very important for privacy issues.
  6. Next requirement is the contact address. The contact address in most cases is the phone number that the person is currently using. This is used as a protective measure as one will be notified whenever another user tries to log in with a different gadget. The phone number provided should begin with the specific country code.
  7. This step requires the person to verify that they are actually human. The characters for verification can be numbers or alphabetical characters. Alternatively, to write the characters, you may choose to listen to the words. If the words are hard, there is an option of requesting a new character.
  8. This is an optional requirement; you may choose to tick or like the promotional box. Once you decide to subscribe to the promotional services you have an option to opt out anytime you want.
  9. The final thing to do is to click the Create button that is found at the bottom of the fully filled information. If the information that you provided is invalid or incomplete, you will be redirected to correct the information. When all information is correct, your account will be automatically created and by creating it means you have accepted all terms and conditions.