Access denied is one of the most common errors that a user can face when using any browser. It is not fixed as most browsers face this error even the relatively famous ones. But, if you too are facing this error then, you should not worry too much as we are going to tell you the methods of how to fix you dont have permission to access this server issue. 

Fix the Access Denies Error on your browser

  • Disable VPN Software

The very first thing that you can do is to disable your VPN software as this access denied error can happen because of the VPN software. The VPN software can provide you with an IP address that may be banned on some browsers and this can be the reason the you dont have permission to access on this server issue. You can disable your VPN from the software box and prevent the software from running.

  • Turn off VPN extensions

Another thing that you can do is to turn off or disable the VPN extensions that work in the same way as VPN software. Follow the steps to turn off the extensions:

  • Open Google Chrome and go to the Customize section.
  • After that, choose More Tools and then click the extensions tan to open it.
  • You have to hit the toggle button to turn off the VPN extensions that may be interfering with the working of the browser.

  • Clear Browser data 

You can also clean the browser data of your browser if you are wondering how to give permission to access a server on your internet browser. Too much browsing history sometimes interferess with the access of some websites.

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