It is important to keep your Gmail account safe but it is also important to remember your Gmail password. If you have forgotten your password then there is a simple way to reset your Gmail password. This blog will show you how to change Gmail password.

How can you change the Gmail password?

  • To start with, you want to get to your Google account. To do this, you can either straightforwardly visit or arrive using Gmail.
  • From your Google login account page, head to the Security area. It’s the fourth choice down in the route bar on the left.
  • Look down until you observe a part named “Marking into Google.” The top choice will list when your secret word was last different. Click this – Google will probably cause you to enter your present certifications once more, just to ensure you are who you say you are.
  • Presently it’s an ideal opportunity to pick another secret phrase. Google suggests a secret phrase of no less than eight characters that you don’t use on some other site or administration.
  • That is a word of wisdom, yet we’d likewise suggest that you utilize a secret phrase administrator to arbitrarily produce and store something secure for your sake. We additionally feel that the secret key ought to be somewhere around 12 characters in length and incorporate digits, accentuation imprints, and upper-and lowercase letters.
  • No matter what secret key you pick, you’ll need to type it two times, and Google won’t allow you to continue if the two don’t match for clear reasons.
  • You’ll presently be gotten back to the Security segment of your Google account without affirmation, however, you can make sure that the change has gone through effectively enough.
  • Simply look down to the password area, and it’ll let you know when your change Gmail password has been done. It should show an exceptionally late timestamp.

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